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Terms and Conditions:


Online Registration forms and payment must be received prior to the first Friday of the academic semester. There are two ways to pay for the program. Option number 1 is prepay for everything, which gets you roughly 10% off the cost of the required tutoring sessions. The fee for this option is $749; $99 of this is a non-refundable registration fee and $650 is prepayment for the required tutoring sessions. Students who want to "pay-as-you-go" for the sessions have a one-time $99 non-refundable registration fee to get signed up, then pay as they sign up for and attend the sessions throughout the semester. Once registration is complete, there are four (4) requirements that must be met by the student in order for the program to be considered "completed":

Attendance and participation is a critical part of the B or Better Program. During "instructional weeks", students must fully attend two (2) "B or Better Sessions"; the first is typically Monday or Tuesday and the second is typically Wednesday or Thursday. The complete schedule for these sessions can be viewed by clicking the "View Syllabus" icon on the "B or Better Session" signup page. Attendance will be taken each day and students will need to sign in when they arrive. Students are permitted no more than two (2) unexcused "B or Better Session" absences for the entire semester (we begin taking attendance the first day of the semester). During "exam weeks", students must fully attend all available Exam Review Sessions. Students are not permitted any absences for these sessions. Excused absences for reasons of health, family emergencies, or acts of God will be permitted assuming appropriate documentation is submitted for the absence. 

Cell phones (including smartphones), laptops, and tablet devices may not be used AT ALL by students during tutoring sessions. These tutoring sessions do not work by osmosis, and students must be paying attention (not texting or using social media) in order for this program to work! Students who use such devices while in sessions will get one verbal warning, and the second offense will result in expulsion from the program. Parents are strongly encouraged to utilize a service like Verizon’s “Family Base” which allows them to track usage of data and text messaging by the hour (using this valuable service, you can truly see how much phone activity is happening for every hour of the day). Parents that do not utilize an hour by hour tracking service via their molbile provider forgo any opportunity to dispute claims of technology usage by CTS. 

Participants must maintain an average of 90% or higher on their "WebWorK" homework (which has unlimited attempts, this is not difficult to do). 

Each Friday that IU is in session during the semester for which the student is enrolled, students must complete a "Grade Submission" via email. This email should include a screenshot of the WebWork gradebook and the Canvas gradebook. Email should be sent to These submissions allow Bill to track progress for each student and identify any "red flags" that may surface during the course of the semester. Failure to send any grade submission by the deadline (Friday at 11:59pm) will result in a forfeiture of any grade-based compensation.



Any student who has "completed" the program by meeting the four (4) requirements above are entitled to grade based compensation (according to the schedule below) in the unlikely event their grade at the end of the semester be lower than a B-.  

Grade of C+ = 20% refund
Grade of C = 35% refund
Grade of C- = 50% refund
Grade of D+ = 75% refund
Grade of D or lower = 90% refund

Refunds will, by default, be issued as credit to the CTS account of record for the enrolled student. Those seeking a cash refund must do so my making a written request to Any cash refund is subject to a 5% transaction fee.


Students requesting a refund after the semester has ended must make their requests in writing no more than 21 days after the Final Exam by emailing


In the unlikely event a student enrolled in the program is considering early withdrawal from the course, the student must first have a face-to-face meeting or email consultation with CTS owner Bill Maki PRIOR TO withdrawing.  No refunds of any kind will be granted to students who withdraw from the program without first having such a meeting or email consultation.


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