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Types of tutoring at Campus Tutoring Service

Private Sessions

These 50 minutes sessions are what most people likely envision when they think of "tutoring". The session must be booked by one person, however that person can bring up to 2 friends at no extra charge. The sessions are course specific (you can not do "half Finite, half Accounting"). Sessions must be scheduled in advance (there are no "walk ins"). These sessions are STUDENT DIRECTED, meaning that the student must indicate what they want help with and bring the corresponding materials. The tutor will help the student gain mastery of that material, assuming the student has reasonable expectations. We can NOT perform magic and help you learn 8 weeks of material in 50 minutes! These sessions are ideal for students looking to better understand homework in many courses (i.e. WebWork in MATH-M118 & M119, GPs in BUS-K201).


Group Sessions

These sessions are offered exclusively for Finite Math - M118, A Brief Survey of Calculus - M119, and certain sections of Intro to Microeconomics - E201. The sessions function very much like a private high school class, and are CTS DIRECTED, meaning that on each day there is an agenda and CTS will be dictating the material that gets covered that day. In most sessions, roughly 20 minutes of the session is spent on lecture and note taking. The remainer is spent working on practice problems provided by CTS. Students who attend these sessions REGULARLY have a long history of getting grades of B or higher in these classes (in fact, these sessions form the foundation of our widely praised "B or Better Program" for Finite Math and Brief Survey of Calculus. The sessions are structured to enhance Exam performance, which constitutes a large portion of the grade in these classes.


Exam Reviews

Prior to Exams, students often are looking for Practice Exams to go over. Our exam reviews are ideal for those students. Those that attend an Exam Review are given a handout with practice problems and are encouraged to try and "work ahead" before the review starts. The review instructor proceeds to then explain each problem on the practice test one at a time (if there are tons of great questions, we may or may not finish the entire practice test but most of the time we do). In certain classes with lots of material, we will offer multiple different "Problem Sets" - this is due to the fact that a comprehensive discussion of all relevant topics to the test simply cannot happen in a single sitting.


Total Review Packages

For some classes, multiple Exam Reviews are necessary to deliver full coverage of all the relevant topics on an exam. For those tests, we offer a package deal consisting of all the available exam reviews at a discounted price.


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