Campus Tutoring Service

Enter Customer Center

Actions can you take from the Customer Center:

  • Initiate or Cancel a Membership
  • Cancel a booking
  • Purchase a prepaid "Total Review Package"
  • View all past and future appointments
  • Update your profile and change your password 

You can NOT make bookings through the customer center. 

Become a Customer

In order to schedule an appointment with CTS, you must first become a customer.  

Once you have become a Customer, you should decide whether or not you want to also become a Member (becoming a customer is NOT the same thing as becoming a member). 

Members pay a monthly fee but then receive lower prices for all CTS services. If after becoming a customer  you would like to become a member, click the "Enter Customer Center" icon and click the "Membership" tab.

*If you are only planning to use CTS once or twice a month, becoming a member is not likely worth it. If you are planning to use CTS semi-regularly, becoming a member is a good idea.


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