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Economics Tutoring

Private Sessions for Spring 2019 are available beginning Wednesday, January 9th. Sessions can be scheduled using the links below. Sessions can not be scheduled more than 6 days in advance. 


Members pay less per session than non-members. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can log into the Customer Center and click the "Membership" icon.


If you interested in help with a course that is not listed, please call 812-340-6708 and ask for Dave (our general manager).

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ECON-E201 for students with Dr. SELF (member price $35.94, non-member price $44.93)
ECON-E201 for students with Dr. Snow (member price $35.94, non-member price $44.93)
ECON-E202 (member price $35.94, non-member price $44.93)
ECON-E321 (member price $36.58, non-member price $45.73)
ECON-E370 (members $36.58, non-members $45.73)