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 Total Review Packages are no longer available. Single Exam review sessions are still available for MATH-M118 and MATH-M119. Click here to sign up.


To Sign up, Please complete BOTH of the following steps:


Step #1: Click here to login to the Customer Center, click "Prepaid Packages", then select the correct course and pay. After you are finished, return to this page

Step #2: Select your times using the links below. 


*After you click the link and select your time, you will be prompted to enter your login credentails. After doing so, assuming you did Step #1 correctly, your total should be $0.

Questions? Email or call 812-340-6708.


If you have questions about the signup process, call us at 812-340-6708. 


Please use either Google Chrome or the Mozilla browser. Internet Explorer and Safari will sometimes falsely claim we are sold out.

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